“ The creation of high fidelity sound and the production of great wines has been marvellous lesson into my life and has led me on a constant search for beauty, harmony and balance. I live every day in pursuit of my heritage and passion, extracted from earth and the air. We develop ears and taste to understand and appreciate all the diversity present in our world. I believe music has a special place in us and we strive, as we do with our wine, to reveal all the details, subtlety, and passion from our speakers. Making wine has taught me to dedicate myself to creating only the best life has to offer, and music is definitely one of them. ”

Olivier Decelle, owner of Triangle

For more than thirty years Triangle Electroacoustics has designed and produced its own drivers and loudspeakers in order to offer the highest quality products for sound reproduction.

Today, we use the finest woods combined with state of the art equipment and a mastering of acoustic technologies to produce the finest loudspeaker systems in the world. We are enthusiasts that use passion and science to translate our philosophy of Beauty, Harmony and Balance into a supreme musical experience.

Marc Le Bihan, CEO